Vacuum Matress Immobilization Device

Perfectly molding high strength vacuum immobilization mattress for reducing pressure and better support for lumbar injuries and spinal trauma.

Dimensions (unpacked)

Height 2 3/4 inches

Width 35 1/2 inches

Depth 86 2/3 inches

Weight 17 3/4 lbs

Weight Capacity 330lbs

This vacuum mattress is ideal for the immobilization of patients, especially in the case of vertebra, pevlis or limb trauma. This flexible pad allows a perfect moulding of the patient, and can be folded into three. The mattress consists of 3 canvases, assembled by high frequency welding. The upper, middle and lower canvases are made of PVC .

  • Reduces pressure and provides better support for lumbar injuries and spinal trauma
  • Minimizes body movement compared to spinal backboards
  • Protects against cold in inclement weather conditions
  • Significantly superior stability and comfort compared to a spinal backboard
  • Available in adult and pediatric sizes
  • Packs away into a carry bag & supplied with pump
  • Washable & X-ray translucent
  • Fire retardant
  • Waterproof
  • Can be used in temperatures from -40o to 140o (F)